Heavenly Forest

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“She used to lie very often.” Due to his inferiority complex, Makoto shies away from other people, but Shizuru manages to make him open up to her. Because of their friendship, Shizuru takes interest in photography and they often go to a forest, partially hidden from the public, to take photos. Shizuru wants nothing but to be at Makoto’s side. When Makoto starts liking a college friend Miyuki, Shizuru decides that she too will like Miyuki and becomes her friend. One day, Makoto asks Shizuru what birthday present she would like. With her interest in a photography contest, Shizuru wants a photo of them kissing in the hidden forest. Since that day of the forest kiss Shizuru disappears from Makoto’s life.

Japanese ただ、君を愛してる English Forest of Heaven Type TV Status Complete Duration 116 Menit Views 5113 Views

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